Patient Information | Newcastle Rehabilitation Services

How can I be referred to see Dr Beiers?
For a consultation or hospital admission a valid referral from a medical practitioner is necessary.
For a medicolegal opinion, your solicitor usually arranges the appointment and no referral from your doctor is necessary.
What can I expect at the consultation?
Initial consultations are scheduled for 40-60 minutes and follow up appointments are 20 minutes.
During this time, Dr Beiers will take a history of your problem, complete a physical examination and review any relevant xrays or scans you have.  Dr Beiers then discusses an individualised management plan with you.
What do I need to bring with me to the appoinment?
- your referral letter
- photo ID for medicolegal assessments
- medicare card or veterans affairs card , health care card
- details of your private insurance
- your approval from your insurer if this visit is covered by motor accidents or workers compensation.
- any relevant xrays or scans
Can I bring someone in with me?
Dr Beiers is happy for someone to attend with you, but prefers where possible all the relevant information comes directly from you.
In the case of a medicolegal assessment or independent medical examination it is not permitted, unless the client has significant memory deficits or behavioural issues requiring a support person.
Will I get a written copy of the report?
You can request a copy of the report and it will be provided but will incur a processing fee. 
Copies of reports which have been requested or arranged through a third party, are not provided direct to the client and must be obtained through the insurer.
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